My Summer ‘Essentials’

Let’s be real here for a moment Sugar Plums,  I think the only Summer ‘Essentials’ you really need are constant slatherings of sunscreen, loads of water (drinking and swimming) and your wits about you.  And maybe the occasional watermelon and feta cheese salad.

Infact, I’d probably sacrifice the sunscreen, water and my wits just for a chilled bowl of watermelon and feta cheese salad.  No I wouldn’t, I jest, I jest.

But let’s for a moment imagine that the editors of several international fashion magazines had sent me a group email saying -

‘Dear Ms Ameezing,

Forget the fact that we’re all about to go into Winter here in Europe, we’d love to hear your thoughts on ‘Summer Essentials’.  We eagerly await your blog post.

Kind Regards, The Editors of Several International Fashion Magazines.’

Who am I to turn down those guys? So here they are:

Colourful woven baskets.  Picnics, the beach, market shopping, boating, dentists appointments – all activities made better with a brightly coloured woven basket.  (Surprise Mama, the orange one is for you.  Smiley face.)

 A hat. This one is from Gap and fits my giant, alien head perfectly.  If I could breed two of these Gap hats together and make little Gap hat babies I would.  That’s weird.  But I would.

New plants for the house.  Summer inside.  When I was seven I told my parents I was going to redecorate my bedroom.  That mostly involved draping a crocheted blanket over a chair and swiping a pile of ‘Home and Garden’ magazines from the lounge to put next to my bed (because I was fancy like that).

But the main thing I did was drag a huge palm, in a woven basket, from the verandah to my room.  It remains some of my finest work.  Since then, I have always had pockets of jungle growing all over the homes that I have lived in.

Lolita here is modelling an amazing, colourful head scarf from Babatunde.  These are essential for bad hair days, hot head days, sea swimming days, having hair days, can’t find a hairband days, and keeping your hair out of your face while you eat watermelon and feta cheese salad days.

In the first picture, Lolita is rocking two more Summer Essentials  – vintage sunglasses and leopard print anything.  If you’ve always loved the leopard, the leopard will always love you back.  Thank you Lolita.

Gumboots.  These don’t need a story from my childhood.  If the last 24 hours in Joburg have taught us anything it’s that we need gumboots.  These ones are from the Oriental Plaza and still have genuine music concert dust on them.  Woaw, step aside actual rock stars.

Hot on the leopard print heels of leopard print is Zebra. Print. Anything.  I found this bad boy yesterday at Cotton On and snapped a plastic hanger in half trying to get it off the rail before anyone else did.  I felt a little silly.  And a lot happy.

And now I know what I’m wearing to the Joburg Art Fair.  That’s a real thing right? Planning your outfit for the Joburg Art Fair? I can’t possibly be alone on this one, can I?!

And lastly, a really good pedicure.  I go to Toast and Co.  Not because I am a fancy pants but because when I paint my own nails it looks like I’ve been attacked by a drunken chimp with a bottle of Essie and a paint roller.  And because Toast and Co is Ameezing.  And have the best biscuits ever.

I stood on my dressing table to take this photo.  I’m standing on glass.  In front of a mirror.  I fall over a lot.  It was a trying but worth while moment.

Happy Summer Sugar Plums!

Holy Pedicured Panda’s Toenails, that was fun.

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  1. AntK says:

    …. love the idea of watermelon & feta salad as only Mo can make it !
    …and have been lucky and spoilt to have been taken for a pedi at Toast by L !
    so this post brought back sweet memories for me ..and longings for summer days !
    P.S. love the zebra top and the leaves of the plant !

  2. milly says:

    Fun reading it too!

  3. Shmyril says:

    Summer essentials for boys… Shades.

  4. Bailey says:

    One definitley has to plan their outfit for the ArtFair.

  5. Movan says:

    I love it! What a treat! Thank you! Can’t wait to come up and claim it!
    That zebra top would fit in it quite snugly I think, too. :-)
    A visit to Toast and Co should also be on the cards, what do you think?
    I so agree about the sun screen and water [ summer and winter]
    Yes, to that watermelon salad!
    SO much to look forward to!
    Thanks for the summer alert! x x

  6. Ms. Ameezing says:

    Yes to watermelon salads and pedicures and planning outfits and shades for boys, YES!

Your thoughts/feelings?