Smiling at Strangers, etc.

You know that thing that makes you happiest?  That thing that makes you feel like it is too good to be true, but for reals, it can’t be true?!

That thing that makes you feel like the most you. The best you. You.

For me that thing is writing. Words and words and words.  Sometimes I don’t really know what to say or how to say the things that I really want to say, but, that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason not to do the thing that feels too good to be true.  So here I am. Hi!

The other day a homeless man pushing a cart of things down a narrow path stepped aside so I could pass.  I said thank you and he looked me in the eye and smiled.  A real smile.  It was a tiny, humbling, extraordinary moment.

I’ve written five pages of my book.  You guys! Five pages!

Saying ‘my book’ makes me feel all at once ridiculous and so so happy.  A timid adventurers equation of emotions.

The second I become single (everybody be cool), I find myself calling all of my guy friends ‘Dude’ again.  Anyone else do this?

Have I told ever told you my favourite joke of all time? If the answer is no, first, sorry, and second, here wah:

What’s white and sweet and swings from tree to tree?                                                                                                                                           A meringutang.

Thunderous applause.  Bow.  High five the crowd. Second bow.  World tour.

I’ve decided to start smiling at strangers.  Hear me out.  You know those moments when you make eye contact and then quickly look away before the other person thinks you are Jim Carrey from the movie where he looks through the peephole a lot. I’m switching up my look aways to a grin.  A little grin, but a grin.  A grin that (hopefully) says  a)I am not crazy  b)hello fellow human  c)what a wonderful world.  This is part social experiment and part not wanting to feel so guarded and disconnected all the darn time.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Who’s with me?!

I’m currently visiting my parents at their wonderful home in Underberg.  A quiet, beautiful, wintery space with cosy blankets tucked into cosy baskets in every room and many contented geese wandering around the wintery hills.  As I write this, I am sitting on the verandah in the most delicious sunny spot.  Somewhere not too far away, a bird is making a sound like a very old man gargling.  More on mountain life tomorrow, but for now, read about my first time adventures with the people of Underberg right here and Ten Things I learnt about living in the country and a leetle post called You Know You’re in the Country when…

The Cable Guy! The Jim Carrey movie is The Cable Guy!


[Thanks Birdie for the Saturday morning brunch picture.]



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  1. AntK says:

    I’m all for smiling more and frowning less – you will reap the benefit emotionally and physically ( less wrinkles in 30 years time ) – its hard to be grumpy when someone really smiles at you !

  2. RobsieM says:

    Your joke made me giggle! Exactly what I needed on this Wednesday Winter slump.

    Sounds like you are having a stunning little adventure. Enjoy all those sunpatches, Nature’s hugs.


  3. Ms. Ameezing says:

    AntK, yes! Less frowning, more smiling. And less wrinkles. Win win win :)
    RobsieM – Hi! That joke is the best. Hope Thursday (and Friday and Saturday…) treat you better :)

  4. lucille davie says:

    Yes, I find I don’t laugh enough anymore, never mind smile. So, good idea, as someone said repeatedly in a movie whose title I will never remember. AntL

  5. Movan says:

    So glad that words make you so happy! And so nice that you have a real talent for words!
    An old Indian saying ‘The smile you give out comes back to you.’
    And more than that, laughter is the best medicine.
    Win/win all the way!
    So glad you’re having a lovely time in Underberg, it makes my heart glad. :-)
    And ps – that old man gargling, it’s a crow!
    X x x :-D

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