Of Eyes Peeled and Mismatched Cutlery

Just over a week ago now, I moved into a lovely, old flat with my brother, Joel.  I love everything about the space.  The way the sunlight falls in crossword blocks across the wooden lounge floor, the way we call the front room turned work space ‘the studio’, the way the mismatched, vintage cutlery lies just so in the cutlery draw.  Yes, this is love and I’ve fallen hard.  So now, my eyes are freshly peeled (eeww) for wonderous and interesting things to fill this beloved space with.  Here is the inevitable post of some ameezing ideas for playing house house.

[These pics come from a maze of picture references in a file whose filing system is like throwing papers into a wind machine and running around with a shoe box like it's a butterfly net.  I'm not able to say where they are from.  If you know, please holler.  That would be ameezing.]

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  1. CousinRobyn says:

    Sjoeg, look how many glass jars there are in those reference pics! Just saying, that’s all.

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