Of standing in queues and peeing in public toilets

I overheard this conversation whilst in a public toilet today.

Little Boy:  Hey Mom, what is paper made of?

Mom:  Paper comes from trees.

Little Boy:  What happens when the trees run out?

Mom:  Exactly


And then standing in the queue at Woolworths late afternoon a lady struck up a conversation with me.  It went like this:

Lady: (looking at a bunch of flowers in her trolley) Are you married?

Me: No

Lady:  Good.  Don’t get married.  You’ll have to buy yourself flowers.

Me: (Giggling nervously)…

Lady:  It’s not that he’s not a nice man.  The problem is that he is a nice man.  And the kids love him.  It was kind of a convenience thing.  I wanted to have kids and my Aunt told me to grab this one because I might not get another.  I think he feels the same way too.  But we’re stuck you know, just stuck in our lives.  How old are you? You look young.

Me:  I’m thirty.

Lady: Ah, but you look young so you’re fine.  If I could do it all again I wouldn’t.

Me:  Um, I guess you fight for happiness in other ways.

Lady:  Yes.  And buy myself flowers.  Nice to meet you.  Bye.

Me:  Bye.  Good Luck.  Much happiness to you.

I’ve never said ‘Much happiness to you’ or anything close ever in my life before.  It just came out.  From some Oprah watching, Elizabeth Gilbert reading part of me.  The lady walked away and in a universal stroke of irony forgot her flowers at the till.  The cashier called after her and she came rushing back, shaking her head and laughing to herself.

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  1. Cousin Robyn says:

    Eek. Sjoeg. Hectic.

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