One Ameezing Russian Joburger

I’ve never really played group sports, I don’t participate in raffles and in any kind of crowd activity, I usually observe from afar or hide in the bathroom.  My Team Player Points are almost zero.  Blushy face.

But when I saw a link to my friend Ksenia’s new project I couldn’t help but jump on board and click.  And holy panda’s toenails, I’m so glad I did.

Being a long term, full time, pretty much terminal lover of Joburg, it’s always such a wonderous thing to discover other people’s love of this gritty, little, awesome city too.  And Ksenia has it it truck loads:

Ameezing, yes?! Wanting to know a little more, I put on my journalism hat (that I made yesterday from the finest threads of pluckiness and making-it-up-as-I-go-along) and asked her a few questions about our shared lover city.


Hey Ksenia, so what’s your favourite thing about living in Joburg?

Energy is definitely the best of Joburg’s character. The City is changing in front of your eyes: a coffee shop pops up on the corner, a designer show room across the road, a cafe, a gallery — and here we go, there is a new destination to go for a Saturday stroll or a Thursday dinner. It is full of people making a change — whether it is a renewed area of the CBD or a small cafe with local bands playing. All this is based on determination of single personalities and even I already have this DIY-virus though I live here less than a year. Joburg’s energy is strong, extremely contagious and super inspiring.


How is Joburg different from what you heard/expected?

Joburg is world famous for it’s criminal record — every foreigner who comes here expects to be attacked right on the doorsteps of the airport. Travel guides and websites teamed up to ignore Johannesburg and pretend that there is only one city in SA — Cape Town. That’s completely unfair. I had no idea of everything going on here: music industry, restaurant scene, design, South-African fashion — no one told me I will spend every day of spring wearing boots by Amanda Laird Cherry! Joburg is a hidden gem and maybe we should keep this secret for now — eventually it will be revealed anyway.


Your top 3 suggestions for newbies to experience in Joburg?

Go local!

Have a slow Saturday breakfast at Leopard cafe in Parkhurst.
Check out local brands at Neighbourgoods market and Juta street corner.
Head to Pirates Bowling Club for a sundowner drink and then to Wolves Cafe — catch some African band playing or just grab a piece of the best Red Velvet cake in town.
Thanks Ksenia, you’re ameezing!  Gummie – Joburg’s First Online Urban Magazine. You guys! Click away, click and share and link and contribute and share and then click some more.  Spreading the Joburg love, ameezing.


PS. An Australian in Joburg.



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