Ready, Aim, Fire…

Ever wondered where the guns in District 9 come from?  Wonder no more, dear friend.  The answer is Hire Arms on Louis Botha, Johannesburg.  A double storey wonder of guns, grenades, camo netting and a bouquet of protective gear and knight’s armour.  The guys (all guys) who work there are chain smoking, gun-toting experts on all things weaponary.  From pre-Apartheid police uniforms to ‘Fifth Element’ type pistols, this is where you want to be.  When I was there this morning I overheard a conversation about hunting.

“Going this weekend?” camo wearing Guy One asks.

“Yip,” camo wearing Guy Two says.

“For what?” camo wearing Guy One asks.

“Everything”, camo wearing Guy Two answers.

Joburg is sometimes like a shy stripper.  Just when you think you have seen the end of the show, the drums roll and off comes another layer.

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  1. kez says:

    been there, done that, got the gold plated ak47 from lord of war lecture..

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