Secret Icons of Joburg

Who are these lost souls? These urban nomads that wander through the streets.  Lives of unasked and unanswered questions.  This lady has been roaming Joburg for almost ten years now.  There are many nicknames for her.  Little Red Riding Hood (she always wears a hood or cape) is the one that seems to have stuck.  I have seen her over the years add layer after layer of strange capes and blankets and carry plastic bag after plastic bag full of mystery.  I made eye contact with her this morning and smiled.  She shook her head and looked away and muttered things that I couldn’t hear.  She is one of the many lost souls that seem to find purpose in wandering.  One of the secret icons of Joburg.

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  1. MoVan says:

    Plastic bags full of mystery – I like that!

    Somebody in Joburg knows what she’s all about, don’t they?

  2. kideternity says:

    Rumour has it , according to a check out lady in rosebank , that she was a practicing doctor who used to frequent News Cafe . One day she just went loopy . She walks past my flat each day , with things warming up she should be switching her hood from black to red again. I once tried to secretly photograph her but she saw me coming from a mile away.One balmy summer night sher walked past me singing joyfully in what sounded to me like hebrew ….

    Your pictures really capture her ameezing …

  3. ameezing says:

    A winter hood and a summer hood. I guess everyone has a story before the story they are now.

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