She wore braveness like a wig and pretended not to notice if someone said it wasn’t real.

Let’s talk about braveness.  Boldness.  Living without apology or excuse.  I read (okay snooped) someone’s open notebook the other day and there was a quote that said, ‘We are as responsible for that which we do as that which we do not do’.    Hhmm, so being afraid and doing nothing isn’t an explanation for inaction? Darn it.  I have learnt an unexpected lesson from an unexpected source over the last while.  Doing what makes you happiest and yet for some reason feels the most impossible, takes sacrifice.  A letting go.  Of the secret joy that this thing brings you.  And of the fear that others will not believe that you are able to weave the tapestry of the thing that makes your heart pound, your face smile and your soul feel weightless with euphoria.  So, I’m donning my wig of braveness and hitting the catwalk, come and model with me.  The view is fantastic and the people all clap and smile.

Reposting a picture for a pictureless post.  Taken by Ryan.

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  1. MoVan says:

    Bravo! I will be one of those clapping and smiling!:-)

    A quote that came to mind when I read your ‘snooped’ quote was this, and I don’t think it’s exact and I don’t know who said it, ..’ all that it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.’

  2. Karin says:

    my favourite post ever !!!
    ‘We are as responsible for that which we do as that which we do not do’
    this struck such a cord with me.
    Life is truly a series of choices – whether we choose to do something or choose to do nothing – and each choice we make has consequences – whether positive or negative that impact on our life

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