Some things. Some places. And a tiny, white dog.

I read on someone’s blog the other day that Instagram has forced bloggers to write better content.  I totally agree with that theory.  Where before I would take a photo and base a post around it, now I take a photo, Instagram it and move on.

Blogging content has become more sacred (yip, I just used the words ‘blogging’ and ‘sacred’ in the same sentence.  Take that High Brows).

Instagram can tell a story in a single picture.  So if you’re going to tell a story with a crater full of words, you better have something to say.

It is with that thought that I don my sequined frock of irony and present to you this post, of  some of my recently Instagrammed photos.

I am msameezing on Instagram and MsAmeezing on Twitter.  Let’s hang out and do the dance of words and pictures, shall we?

PS. Holy Panda’s Toenails, High Brow sounds like Eye Brow.

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  1. Mr. High Brow says:

    I would have gone with “Some things. Some places. And a casual affair.” But that’s just me. (Although in SEO terms I reckon it would have got more hits.)

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