Speaking of your bathroom cupboard…

I’m a bit of a snoop. Chances are, if I’ve been to your house, I’ve almost definately looked in your bathroom cupboard.  Having been at my parent’s house for almost two weeks now, it’s inevitable that at sometime, well, this morning really, I’d walk past the book shelf overflowing with photo albums, stop and open the first one. And then the next. And then the next.  Until my pyjamas were dusty, the shelves were empty and the floor was swarming with shots of newborn babies, ‘interesting’ haircuts and retro outfits way before they were retro.

Here are three of my favourite. I like them because they represent the time in which they were taken really well and I like how they capture the people in them. I think we lost something when we gained digital. Before, it was a miracle to get everyone to stand still and look in the direction of the camera. Now four year olds pose like Beyonce.  I’m glad we had the time of not knowing how the shot came out, handing in the film and sticking the photo into the album with the kitten on the cover. Photographs felt precious and irreplaceable. Kind of like the moments they captured.

My beautiful Mom. There is nothing about this photo that I don't love.

Europe, with three young kids. High five parents.

Little big brother

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  1. Mo Van says:

    Thanks for those nice words!
    That one of me walking was taken by a street photographer, that’s why I’m eyeing him like that [ stranger that he was. ]
    The basket bag on my arm was stolen at some stage, when I put it at my feet for a moment to look at a record cover..

  2. kideternity says:

    i have a fear of people searching thru my bathroom cupboards ….

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