Step into my office, again.

I am terrified of flying.  More than snakes, the dark and ghosts, flying makes me really petrified.  In fact, I would rather lie in a pit of snakes in a black out whilst the undead do the Macarena around me than fold my tray table away, put my seat in the upright position and prepare for take-off.

Today I donned a yellow safety vest and spent the day at Lanseria Airport.  It was good to spend time amongst planes without sweating palms and a thumping heart.  I learnt that planes are loud, real loud (especially when landing or taking off a few metres away from you).   And it felt weirdly comforting to see so many take off and land without smashing to the ground in a fiery ball of death.  Overcoming my fear of flying. Tick…ish.

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  1. kez says:

    Wow you’re so positive! If I had a blog a would have posted pictures of my burnt face, my swollen ankles and the nasty smell of the toilets being emptied (cause you csan post smells on blogs now).. Oh and the nightmare of extra’s too long to fit into short overalls! So I guess thanks again for the reminder of the good side!

  2. kez says:

    Ps. I don’t think you would lie with the undead, you’re scared of mikes kitchen!

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