Summer Lovin’

Whilst the bout of Writer’s Blender continues (although it does feel like the mist is lifting, yessssss) I had to stop by and share this pic with you.  Summer. Ah Summer.  Skirts, heels, suntan lotion, red nails, red lips, flushed cheeks, isn’t summer so ameezingly sexy?!  The more international blogs I read with posts titled “Falling Fast” and “Falling Foward” and “What to Wear when the chill sets in” the more I’ve been thinking about skirts, heels, sunshine, swimming, sandals, red nails, red lips, flushed cheeks…ooh la la.

Here’s to the months of shoulder blade exposing ahead. Bravo Southern Hemisphere.

[Image via Cup of Jo]

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  1. Charlie says:

    Bravo indeed!

  2. Viki says:

    Ameeeeeezing blog! So inspiring, so thanks hey. My sister Charlie introduced me to you, and now i’m trying to hold back and not read EVERY single post you posted – ! – my next distraction from……stuff.

  3. ameezing says:

    Viki, welcome to Team Ameezing! x

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