In Search of Inspiration

Two weeks into the year and I’m not sure what to do with my new year/new found motivation to make and do wonderful things.  I have the will, I just don’t have the way.  Yet.

Inspiration seems to come from strange and unexpected places.  But in the last while, I feel like my sunglasses are one shade too dark and I can’t see the magic for the traffic.  Do you ever get that?

Pinterest makes me feel terribly intimidated and a little bit like I need a snooze, everywhere I look people seem to be surrounded by a glow of post holiday haze, all motivated and ready to take on the year, bloggers’ New Year’s Resolutions are flying around like Lena Dunham’s awards (athankyou) and I just feel a little overwhelmed by all the Get-Up-And-Go-ness that is going on in this time of new beginnings. [Read more...]

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This is not a drill.

Hello Reader.  Hello 2013.  Hello words being tap-tapped out across a keyboard. Hello Blog.  Hello Joburg.  Hello Friends.  Hello New Readers.  Hello people who said, ‘Write! Damnit Write!’

Hello 33rd year of life.  Hello Mama.  Hello Boyfriend (ooh woo woo).  Hello new polka dot scarf.  Hello failed experiment of writing a post everyday for a month.  Hello no babies.  Hello Ants.  Hello almost mermaid hair.  Hello not being so hard on myself.

Hello 2nd tattoo.  Hello New York in September.  Hello Australian Friendamily.  Hello book written by a girl called Camilla.  Hello large amounts of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate.  Hello new opportunities.  Hello cooking (one Thai Green Curry down already).  Hello leather jacket, this is the year we find each other.

Hello here.  Hello now.  Hello.

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