’31 Is The New 21, Man.’

I was going to write a long, wordy post about turning 31, hopes, fears, dreams – realised and dashed.  Wrinkles, single grey hairs, clusters of grey hairs, being jealous of 22-year-old’s asses, attempting to not have a third of life-life crisis, babies, relationships, where to from here? etc etc.  But then, I was speaking to the ameezing Ryan about it and he simply said, ’31 is the new 21, man.’

And I felt much better.  So I’m going to leave it at that.  I can’t wait to be 21.  Again.

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Tyron Janse van Vuuren is Ameezing! And my brother! Yessssss.

Another super talented and ameezing brother?!  Yes, dear friends, yes.  My older brother, Ty, celebrates his birthday today.  Ty  is a brilliant writer, director, photographer, story-teller, animal whisperer and all round ameezing brother.  Happy, Happy Birthday Ty!  Thank you for teaching me how to be a Joburger, always taking care of me, laughing at my unfunny jokes and being a brilliant nickname giverer.  You are Ameezing.

Ty and Jack Jack

Check out Ty’s movie in the making, Shady Valley, here and here.  And shoots we did with our Mama and Papa here and here.

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Merlin’s Beard! Ameezing Just Turned One!

Three hundred and sixty five days ago I sat down with my brother, Ameezing Ty, as he painstakingly showed me again and again how to upload pictures, view comments and write posts for this new, alien thing called a blog.  Even if not one person had read not one article, this still would have been an ameezing exercise in ‘disposable’ creativity, flexing my then hamster sized writing muscles and just sticking to something.  But you did read them, you really did! Thank you, thank you, ameezing reader for coming along with me on this journey.  Correcting my spelling, sending cool stuff and writing ameezing comments (Mo Van and Karin get a special mention here).  You made sending stories into the giant world of the interweb a little less frightening and a lot more fun just by being there.

Happy birthday Ameezing, you did good kid.

A birthday photo of Ameezing Ty and myself when I’m around one.  My giant alien head and mutant lip aside, I have always loved the solemn tone of this picture.  As if being a kid wasn’t all Mike’s Kitchen and Zet.  There was seriousness to be had too.  Ameezing.

A quick thank you to my cousin Dillon for saying, ‘Merlin’s Beard!’ the other day.  There are very few people who can pull that off, but you, dear cousin, can.

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Happy 60th Birthday Mama!

My lovely, gracious, stylish Mama recently turned 60.  Happy, happy birthday Mama!

This photo is from a series that my brother, Ameezing Ty, and I did with my Mama at an old, abandoned sand mine a little while ago.

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For Jacqui

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/22748915 w=400&h=300]

For The Ameezing Jacqui‘s birthday, her fiance’, Ryan, asked her friends to make birthday videos.  Because Aadil and I are both busy procastinators (now there’s a can of oxymoron worms), ours was ‘a night before the deadline, minimal lighting and a little point and shoot digital camera’ kind of project.  Super fun to put together, none the less.

Happy, happy 30th Ameezing Jacqui.

[Song by Barbara - Cover of 'Pursuit of Happiness' - Kid Cudi]

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Now and Then

This is a photo of my mom in her twenties.  Isn’t she so serious and beautiful?  Those eyes, those earrings, those eyebrows.

And below is a portrait of the same photo that my Dad painted and gave to me for my 30th birthday.  The photo is just 16cm x 21cm.  Only when I was loading this picture did I notice that he had made her topless.  High Five Papa! Thank you, it is so special and ameezing.

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Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Because of You (and many more beloveds not pictured):

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I’m going here:

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With one of these:


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