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I read on someone’s blog the other day that Instagram has forced bloggers to write better content.  I totally agree with that theory.  Where before I would take a photo and base a post around it, now I take a photo, Instagram it and move on.

Blogging content has become more sacred (yip, I just used the words ‘blogging’ and ‘sacred’ in the same sentence.  Take that High Brows).

Instagram can tell a story in a single picture.  So if you’re going to tell a story with a crater full of words, you better have something to say.

It is with that thought that I don my sequined frock of irony and present to you this post, of  some of my recently Instagrammed photos.

I am msameezing on Instagram and MsAmeezing on Twitter.  Let’s hang out and do the dance of words and pictures, shall we?

PS. Holy Panda’s Toenails, High Brow sounds like Eye Brow.

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No Ways!

Because it’s Friday and because I love a weird (okay, kind of useless fact), below is the most searched, read and picture downloaded post on Ameezing, ever.  Featuring a bare foot Mr Ameezing, me dressed like a Voortrekker (some have said Amish) and a little story about a birthday party.

I wonder if it’s to do with school projects?  A Voortrekker scrapbooking group? Crazy, scary internet people with a herd of cats and a thing for bonnets? I guess we’ll never know…

[14 March 2011]

The Voortrekker and the Chang drinking Thai Fisherman

A little while ago, Aadil and I went to a dress up birthday party where the theme was ‘Dress as your Heritage’.  Holy Panda’s Toenails it was difficult, especially when your heritage is kind of 1820′s Settler, kind of Irish-ish.  Fortunately, my little brother, the Ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren, whipped up this super Dr Quinn-esque skirt and kappie (the shirt is from my wardrobe, I wear it on ‘Nerdy Librarian’ days).  Voortrekker chic, no?  Aadil wore traditional Thai fisherman’s pants and a Chang Beer shirt.  A girl at the party said to me, ‘Wow, what was it like growing up Amish?’  The other outfits at the party were a mixture of farmers (with combs in socks, ob), Jewish schoolgirls, one British soldier and a German lederhosen wearing guy.  Ameezing.


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Merlin’s Beard! Ameezing Just Turned One!

Three hundred and sixty five days ago I sat down with my brother, Ameezing Ty, as he painstakingly showed me again and again how to upload pictures, view comments and write posts for this new, alien thing called a blog.  Even if not one person had read not one article, this still would have been an ameezing exercise in ‘disposable’ creativity, flexing my then hamster sized writing muscles and just sticking to something.  But you did read them, you really did! Thank you, thank you, ameezing reader for coming along with me on this journey.  Correcting my spelling, sending cool stuff and writing ameezing comments (Mo Van and Karin get a special mention here).  You made sending stories into the giant world of the interweb a little less frightening and a lot more fun just by being there.

Happy birthday Ameezing, you did good kid.

A birthday photo of Ameezing Ty and myself when I’m around one.  My giant alien head and mutant lip aside, I have always loved the solemn tone of this picture.  As if being a kid wasn’t all Mike’s Kitchen and Zet.  There was seriousness to be had too.  Ameezing.

A quick thank you to my cousin Dillon for saying, ‘Merlin’s Beard!’ the other day.  There are very few people who can pull that off, but you, dear cousin, can.

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