Pyjamas in the Parking Lot

My brother Joel, saintly helping me carry box loads of things to the car.  Long before his normal waking up time.  Thank you brother.

You guys, give your siblings a big ol’ hug today.

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Chilli crab pasta and a little…Locnville

Last night my brother, Ty, and I went for dinner at The Attic in Parkhurst.  He wore his skull jersey made by our little brother, the ameezing Joel.

Knowing about my ‘secret’ love of pop music, (Britney, Rihanna, vintage Hanson – ‘Mmmbop’ rocked my chubby teenage ass), Ty bought me the Locnville album.  Yesss. Thanks Ty for delicious pasta, the vocal stylings of Brian and Andrew Chaplin and being an ameezing brother.

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