Camping with Boys

Bottle of water, shopping packet of rubbish hanging in a tree, silver kettle, crazy layered outfit made up of half clothes and half pyjamas, broken sunglasses…what could this possibly be but weekend camping?!

So I went camping with boys.  Five boys.  One brotherfriend and four friends.  Some of the finest boys I know.  It wasn’t always going to be five boys and I, but my dear friend Lauren was too ill to come.  Lauren, the boys were super fun, but holy panda’s toenails, I missed you.

Camping companions:

Justin Grilles, James the Urban Cowboy, Stiaan DSTV Mobile Smith, Ryan the Great Traveller and Ty the Terrific.

Some things I learnt as an amateur (super amateur) camper: [Read more...]

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Sleeping Under The Stars

The last time I went camping was before I had kissed a boy.  I was going to say the last time I went camping was before I started wearing a bra, but for all you know, that could have been last Wednesday.  It was 1992.

I’m going camping!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Camilla x

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