Country Road (the other one)

Making New Friends

I’ve been housesitting in the country for four days now.  Some things I have discovered so far:

1.  A new person walking someone else’s dog is going to cause peering faces through curtains

2.  The Spar sells rabbit food and Soda Stream machines

3.  Fallen Autumn leaves, like snow, are sometimes much deeper than they seem. Walk with a stick.

4.  Farmstalls are the new Woolworths.  Frozen meals, chocolate brownies, nice.

5.  Just because you think it’s cold, doesn’t mean it can’t get way colder.

6.  A crackling phone line is not always because you are in a remote area, sometimes it’s just not plugged in properly.

7.  The stillness becomes less deafening as time goes on.

8.  You’ll hear “Have a nice holiday”, alot. Don’t even try and pass as a local.

9.   Before your friends arrive, you might find yourself talking to farm animals for company.

10.  No matter how many times you have seen the mountains, they still have the ability to take your breath away.

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Bon Voyage Mama and Papa

A few years ago my Mom and Dad moved to the Drakensberg Mountains.  We, their kids, were suprised by the sudden decision but excited to see what country life was like.  They took to it like ducks to water, on the lake of the property they had just bought.  They make country living look cosy and chic and extremely tempting.

Tomorrow they are going on holiday to France and Italy for four weeks to visit my lovely Aunt and Uncle who have all kinds of ameezing things planned for them.  My brothers and I are sharing the house/great dane/cat/bird sitting duties while they are gone.  I am really looking forward to my country side confinement and have planned all kinds of knitting projects, cooking experiments and Jane Austen-esque walks.

I visited them about two weeks after they had become country folk and wrote about my first few days there:

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