Australia – Part One

Ameezing Travel Companions

So Much Blue

I’m not so good in aeroplanes.  I get the ration of it, more chance of dying in a car crash or being swallowed by a zebra etc.  But the other side of the giant tin can coin is a whole bunch of strangers, in the air, together in an enclosed space, mostly travelling ACROSS THE OCEAN.  Even thinking about it makes my knees go wibbly and my throat go small.

But, 7 rescue remedy tablets and 2 plastic bottles of aeroplane wine later (I managed to skip the Valium, woo hoo), we landed in Australia.  And so began a trip so spectacular that I would fly across one meellion oceans in one meellion tin cans just to do it all again.  Really.  As if being reunited with the wonderous Jacqui and Ryan wasn’t enough of a joy, meeting their friends, spending time with them and falling a little bit in love with all of them was such an enormous, special part of the trip.

Happily, there was very little shopping done.  A few presents aside, I came back with a hair doughnut and some magical velcro thingys that allow you to hang pictures without making holes in the walls (thanks Bernie Chin).  Our time was spent eating dinners, hanging out, going into the city for drinks, hanging out, sleeping in, hanging out, reading (The Hunger Games, The Grazia – only the finest literary material) a party or two and a wonderful, perfect, extraordinary wedding day.

I am so, so grateful to everyone that we met, spent time with and hosted us.  Your generosity was overwhelming and well, just ameezing.  Thank you, thank you.  And Jacqui and Ryan, you guys are rays of light in all of our lives.  And the glue.  You guys are gluey rays of light.  And we love you.

Travel Companion with Beanie

Sign at the Airport

Brisbane City

Tourists and The City


The Metcalfes

Walking = Love


Part Two coming soon. Yesssss.

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Fasten Your Seatbelts

Somehow, through a series of generous miracles, I am flying to Thailand tomorrow.  Overwhelming fear of flying aside, I can’t wait to be back in a country that I didn’t think I would see again for a long time.  This afternoon, going through some old photos, I found the one roll of disposable camera film that made it home from Thailand this time last year.  The rest are in a bag that never made it home, a bag which I plan to go searching for in the Addis Ababa airport tomorrow, where it was last seen.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

I really don’t know how to sufficiently say thank you to the beloveds who made this adventure possible.  I am so grateful.  Thank you Ameezings.  And to Aadil, in advance, for carrying me on and off the plane once the calming meds have kicked in, thank you too.

Thailand 2010:

On the way to the movies in Bangkok with the Ever Lovely Lindsay

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Okay, um…

So on Tuesday night I did a post about the airport and conquering my fear of flying.  On Wednesday morning I walked into the Shell to buy a coffee and spotted this newspaper headline.  So still working on the conquering then..

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Step into my office, again.

I am terrified of flying.  More than snakes, the dark and ghosts, flying makes me really petrified.  In fact, I would rather lie in a pit of snakes in a black out whilst the undead do the Macarena around me than fold my tray table away, put my seat in the upright position and prepare for take-off.

Today I donned a yellow safety vest and spent the day at Lanseria Airport.  It was good to spend time amongst planes without sweating palms and a thumping heart.  I learnt that planes are loud, real loud (especially when landing or taking off a few metres away from you).   And it felt weirdly comforting to see so many take off and land without smashing to the ground in a fiery ball of death.  Overcoming my fear of flying. Tick…ish.

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