Braveness and Cake

You guys, let’s all do what the lovely typography says.

I am so grateful for the work that I have been doing over the past few weeks.

And a sense of capability that is coming with that.  Be gone voices of self doubt, shoo!

 Summer dresses.  Knees and shoulders.  Oh la la.

Doing what scares you until it doesn’t scare you anymore.  It’s a real thing.

I have a cooking lesson booked. Rainbows of high fives to me.

Yesterday, in a professional environment I used the word ‘Swag’. Oh the laughing – them. And the blushing – me.

Friends with cats.



Joburg, we’re all a little bit in love with you right now.

This lovely lady, for endless inspiration and prettiness.


And this cake:


['Be Brave' and Cake]

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Happy Friday Ameezing Ones

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Roll Up, Roll Up…

So it’s Friday and you’re wondering what to do this weekend.  Whilst all the fancy Joburg blogs will tell you about shows, art exhibition openings and loft parties, here at the offices of Ameezing, we only have one thing to say: Woolworths has a new product, on the box it says, ‘Vanilla Flavoured White Chocolate Covered Almonds Dusted in Icing Sugar’.  Has there ever been a more devilishly tantalising sentence?  And holy panda’s toenails, are they delicious.  We, at the offices of Ameezing, will be loading our recycled shoppers with these little boxes, heading home and watching Zombieland for the bazillionth time.  Happy munching, happy weekend.

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Puppy Love

Three of my favourite people with my friend Clinton’s new hound Maggie.  Surrogate puppy love.  Happy Friday.  Happy Days.

Ty and Maggie

Little Lauren and Maggie

Aadil and Maggie


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Bon Appetite

Take Aways – Barry Hertzog Road.  Happy Friday.

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