Judging Dread

Can I get a high five for this heading? Hoo Haah *palm smash*

Dread is a heavy word, isn’t it?  It weighs a lot to feel it, to hide feeling it, to give it the time of day when it won’t let you do anything else.  A word made of cement and worry and unsettling discomfort.  A heavy, heavy word.

I used to think that it didn’t really matter how negative your thoughts were, as long as no one could tell you were thinking them.  I don’t think that anymore.  In fact, I dropped that thought in the sand and ran and ran until I saw Egypt and the moon rising and another month peeling off the calendar like dead skin from a sun burnt arm.

One of my goals this year was to shed dread.  That feeling that comes on Sunday night, or when someone asks you a question and you don’t know the answer.  Or the fact that it’s Tuesday morning when you want it to be Saturday afternoon.  Whatever the disease, dread is the symptom.  And I went searching for the cure. [Read more...]

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