Before Now

Last weekend at a dinner party, some friends and I were talking about how things move so quickly and how technology has shaped and changed our lives now.  My friend, Leetil Lauren, said, ‘My grandmother arrived in Joburg by ox wagon, and now she reads books on her Kindle.’  I’ve thought about that all week.

I took some pictures of Joburg last night from Shine Studios in Braamfontein.  Gritty, surreal, a little bit scary, a lot wonderful, imperfectly imperfect Joburg.  I freakin’ love this city.

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Critical Mass

Now, I don’t want to sound melodramatic or anything, but I think Critical Mass may have been one of the reasons I moved to Joburg almost 12 years ago.

Although I only heard about it a few months back, I think all this time and all this Joburg loving reached it’s peak on Friday night.  Rather magically, the night of a blue moon.  A Spring blue moon.

Critical Mass, an unofficial bike ride on the last Friday of every month, is held in cities all over the world.  People and their bikes, and the night sky.  Just that.  For the people, by the people.

I arrived in Braamfontein with my bike, my skateboard helmet and not one but two Kelloggs Special K bars.  Cyclists were milling around wearing everything from full branded riding gear to jeans and t-shirts.  And there was beer.  I had been worried about my level of cycling fitness (which is just above zero) but when I saw the jeans and the beer and the fairy lights wrapped around bikes, I knew I would be just fine. [Read more...]

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