Lost in a Perfect Dream

My incredibly talented little brother, Joel, recently collaborated with the ameezing Elsa Bleda and photographer Ilse Moore to create a series of intoxicatingly, beautiful images called ‘The Spirit of Galatea’.  It suddenly seems as if Joel’s designs were created to dance, simply and ethereally, under water.

Take a look at the whole shoot here.  Congratulations to the entire team behind this extraordinary project.  You guys are ameezing.

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Joel Janse van Vuuren Winter Collection – A Sneak Peek!

Sometimes, there’s this moment when you come home from a long day, open the door and the delicious smell of your favourite dinner hits you like a cloud of joy.  Having the best housemates (whether brothers, sisters, friends, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends) really is ameezing.  Lately, my clouds of joy have come in the form of breathtaking new designs by Joel.  Every day, for the last while, I have opened the front door and literally gasped at the new, beautiful creation on the sewing mannequin.

Joel shows at Winter Fashion Week at the end of September and I can not wait for the fashion who’s who to see the magic that has been whipped up in our very own front entrance room (we call it The Studio but it’s really just a front entrance room).  Joel, you are the garment whisperer.  I am so proud of the quiet, humble,  determined way you have created ameezingly beautiful pieces once again.  I want to wear them all, whilst running through the streets of Paris, with a bouquet of freshly picked flowers in one hand and a vintage suitcase full of delicious pastries in the other.  Whilst the snow falls silently around me.  That.  Would be Ameezing.

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Joel Janse van Vuuren is Ameezing! And my brother! Yessssss.

I am fortunate enough to be the sister and housemate of the ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren.  Since moving to Joburg at the beginning of this year Joel has humbly and brilliantly taken the fashion world by storm, starting with a standing ovation at Fashion Week in March this year .  Joel’s designs are whimsical, beautiful, unlike anything else I have seen before and completely delicious to wear.  And I am lucky enough to have many of them hanging in my cupboard.  Check out his website here.  And below are just a few of magazines he has been in this year.  I am a super proud sister.  Joel, you are ameezing and can’t wait to see what happens next…

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My Brother, The Genius

Photos of Joel’s incredible, new collection have been springing up all over the web like beautiful bunches of flowers.  Thunder In Our Hearts took some ameezing photos of the show.  I loved her review on it too. Click, See, Swoon, Smile.  Ameezing.

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Skool of Cool

Wearing a new JoelJansevanVuuren dress to Fashion Week.  Ameezing.

Photo by Aadil

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New Joel Janse van Vuuren Range – A Sneak Peek!

Magic Through the Window

My little brother, Joel, is showing his latest collection at SA Fashion Week on Sunday night.  The new range is absolutely beautiful and as usual, I want to wear every piece whilst cycling through the streets of Paris on a bamboo bicycle, wearing just the right shade of red lipstick.  He has such an incredible understanding of colour, texture, shape and style and I am super fortunate and proud to be his big sister and wearer of his ameezing pieces.  See more of Joel’s work here.  Pics from Sunday’s show coming soon!

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Flat, Sweet, Flat

My brother, The Ameezing Joel, and I are moving into a new flat at the end of March.  A little but super sweet space in Killarney that is in excellent condition, allows small dogs (yessssss) and reminds us alot of the big, old Parkview house my Aunt and Uncle used to live in during our childhood. I think it’s the wooden floors, wooden doors and thick wooden skirting boards that do it.  So I have been thinking about all things house for the last couple of days.  I love, love creating spaces.  A world that is made up of a collection of things so completely unique to that person and moment in their lives. When moving house I find it an interesting exercise to see  that some things suddenly seem completely unneccessary and that others have become a part of your life story.  And without them your home would feel like a book with pages missing.

I don’t normally post pictures from the web (there are many bloggers who are much better at that than I am).  But after going through some old sourced pictures for home inspiration I have picked out five spaces to share with you.  All completely different from each other but all with a colour, a texture, a collection, a feeling, that is ameezing.  Unfortunately I have had these images for too long to remember where they came from.  If you know, please share.  Giving credit where credit is due is ameezing too.


Entrance Hall Love

Kitchen Love

Dining Room Love

Lounge Love (Go the Rodarte Sisters)

Bedroom Love

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