This Is Who We Are

The first post that I wrote on Ameezing was about Joburg.  Living in Joburg, loving in Joburg, surviving in Joburg.

I’ve been here for twelve years now.  In this city during these storms and those power failures and endless days of sunshine and endless nights of cautious possibilities.  It took me almost a decade in Joburg to realise that this place had become a part of who I was, how I saw things and how I moved through the world.

It made me see good things with an exhilaration that rarity brings and see bad things with an optimism that practiced, chosen cheeriness brings.  It made me appreciate friends and good weather.  It showed me how to do more than was expected, be more than people thought was possible and to dry those futile tears and just get the heck on with it.

Joburg takes great delight in holding your hand and leading you down a path of darkness, black ink across a white page, a path so vivid and real that it begins to feel like all there is.  And just when seeing starts to seem like something you used to do, the darkness is gone. Replaced by a new day, a positive moment, let’s face it, the smell of a braai at sunset.

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Joburg Taught Me…

To see magic in the unexpected.
That there are stories everywhere.
When things are getting tough, look up.
We may not have the mountain or the sea, but Joburg’s every changing sky is like
a window to another world.
There is beauty in imperfection.
To remember that the seasons always transform this city. What a wonderful surprise.
Oh the sunsets.
Oh the sunrises.
Friendly, kind people. I’m super proud to say we have them in boat loads around here.

Speaking of the sky, this is what it looked like yesterday morning.

PS. Ameezing’s first post ever  – A letter to Joburg.

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Bring out your gumboots, dust off your umbrellas.

It rained yesterday afternoon in Joburg.  ‘Whoop dee whoop’ is what you must be thinking if you don’t live here.  But we in Joburg love our afternoon rain storms almost as much as we love our breathtaking sunsets and the tinted windows we view them through.  I am sure there has been many a person leaving Joburg, bags packed, couch tied to the roof racks, driving over the bridge out of the city only to be called right back by the low rumbling of a huge, dramatic afternoon storm on its way.

It hasn’t rained in months.  Months and months.  And months.  So yesterday, when the sky went grey and the light changed to the green clearness it does just before it hails, we knew it was coming.  And it didn’t disappoint. Joburg storms are like a hungry Opera singer with PMS.  Violent, angry, dramatic and so entertaining to watch.  I hope it’s the first of many performances.

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