Five Things Friday

Five Ameezing Posts on Love

(It’s been on my mind)

 On Friendship Love

On Old Love

On Someone elses’ Love Story

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On Being Single

On Doing What You Love

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Love Actually…

I’m a divorced, hopeless romantic.  There, I said it.  And as a divorced, hopeless romantic (there, I said it again), my heart is filled with warmth at seeing moments of love, real love, quiet love, dare I say ‘old’ love.  Love that has spanned decades and survived many adventures.  The kind of love that gives renewed hope to divorced, hopeless romantics (that’s three times in one post now).  Love that no matter what happens, the journey has come this far.  What a privilege to witness moments like these between the oldest generation of my family.  I snapped these shots on our recent family holiday to the bush.  No one in these pictures knew they were being photographed, I was just lucky enough to see these moments and capture them.

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Um, I Love You

Yes, love is patient, love is kind… But love is a bunch of other stuff too.  Like unglamourous, unexpected and sometimes in forms that knock your socks off and leaves your heart all a-pounding before you had even realised there was a beat.

I don’t just mean the ‘…sitting in a tree’ kind of love.  But the love of a friend who, during a wedding when you are crying your eyes out, lets you wipe your snotty nose on the sleeve of her new Country Road jacket.  The love of a Mom who, even though you are terrible at replying, sends smses to wish you a good day.  Of endlessly supportive and ameezing brothers.  Of partners who teach you about calmness, happiness and wasabi.  And of the people who you share life with, who let you be yourself.  Um, I love you.

[Picture Source Unknown]

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Birds do it, bees do it…

I like old people love.  The kind of love that has spanned decades. The gracious, timeless ‘even though your ass got saggy, your feet got calloused and your eyes don’t see that well anymore, I still feel lucky to be with you and hold your hand through life’, kind of love.

I believe in it, I aspire to it and I feel especially fortunate to get a glimpse of it.  On a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Howick.

Old Love - Howick, Kwa Zulu Natal

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