Shopping. Photographs. Fairy Lights.

Sometimes I shop by Whatsapp chat.  Three girls, one group chat called ‘Gurlfriends’ and into the shops I go.  It feels like I’m living in the future to snap a photograph and send it off into nothingness and wait for the ‘Um, no’ or the ‘Please get me one too’.

And oh my shopping companions.  Lindsay-Jane does classic, chic, New York minimalist like no bodies business and Miss Cara Birdie does sparkly, pink heels and long, blonde locks like no bodies business.  Some highlights include,  ‘I think you two are on crack’,  ‘This is totally different from that time I bought palazzo pants’ and just a simple thumbs down emoticon.  Today, these shoes got that emoticon from one third of the trio.

Is it weird to travel with your own set of fairy lights? I’m going to work in Cape Town for a couple of weeks.  And it’s almost Christmas and what if my B+B doesn’t have fairy lights strung up for the festive season?  So I’m taking my own.  Yes?  Yes. [Read more...]

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