Red. Yes Please. Curls.


Yes Please


At Madam Internet’s School of Blogging, they teach you never to post three random pictures in one post.  The Internet is full of random, beautiful pictures.  Luckily, they also teach you to follow your blogging heart and post what feels right for you.

Today it’s this delightful red head, this font-packed saying and those lovely curls.  And dress and just general scenario, if I’m completely honest.  Honesty – incidentally also a big lesson at Blogging School.

Happy Wednesday Ameezings.

[*I just right now invented Madame Internet's School of Blogging.  But if there was such a thing, they would also teach you to always credit your pictures.  Sadly, I have failed on this part.  These come from a big file of happy inspiration.  If you do know the sources, please holler.]

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Gun Totin’ Orphans

Growing up, these two identical paintings hung in the corridor outside my bedroom.  And it never once occurred to me that they were of gun toting orphans.  I just loved them.  And oh the Ryan-Gosling’s-biceps sized crush that I had on the artist friend of my parents who had painted them.  He was a red head (kids, that’s what we used to call gingers), and wore veldskoens long before they were a thing.

A few months ago Joel and I asked my parents if we could hang onto the paintings for a while, and oh happy day they said yes.  They are called ‘The Shadow : A shock of guns’ and the artist is Walter Hayn.

In other news, it’s been a good week for neck adornments, with this new bunting necklace (from Sass Diva) also wandering onto my jewellery holder.  Two Frock Pics posts in one week, good gravy.

Thanks Joelie Joel for taking these photos.

PS. See more things in our home here.

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