A Brother, Sister, Brother Road Trip

Like, howzit.  Sorry that House of Ameezing has been so quiet over the last few days.  I have been very busy with work and a few other little projects (watch this space).  But yesterday, my brothers and I took a sibling road trip to Underberg to visit my parents for the long weekend.

It is ridiculously beautiful here.  In the early morning the mist is so heavy it looks as if the clouds have fallen between the mountains (thanks Mama).  And one can wear gumboots and woolly hats without feeling at all silly.

I’m hoping for snow (this makes the locals chuckle), death by too much scarf knitting, horse riding and ameezing vintage bargains at the local SPCA thrift shop.  I’ll keep you posted.

Joel and The Beatles rocking road trip chic

Ameezing Ty - Driver and DJ

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