Shady Valley – Flippin’ AMEEZING

My brother, The Ameezing Ty, has written a feature film.  A horror comedy feature film.  I am so privileged and honoured to be onboard to help create the look, feel and art direction of this awesome movie.  Other regulars to Ameezing involved include the Ameezing Joel (Janse van Vuuren) and the Ameezing James.

And this, oh reader of Ameezing and watcher of awesome movies, is your chance to become part of the Shady Valley Family.  Click here to view the project and get involved and click here to join the facebook fan page.

Click, click.  Until the sound of your clicking could be mistaken for bubble wrap crunching under foot or the cracking knuckles of a thousand giants or seventeen hundred pots of popcorn popping.  Click, join, contribute, be flippin’ ameezing.

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