Yes We Can

Whichever box you cross, voting is Ameezing.

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Nice work, Us.

Five Unexpected Highlights of the World Cup:

1.  Shakira’s ‘African’ Outfit. Part Honolulu, part Native American, part 80′s lumo, part six-pack.  And who knew ‘Waka Waka’ could be such compelling lyrics?  Ameezing.

2.  The Gautrain.  Months of dust and construction sadness melted away as soon as we could get to the airport in fifteen minutes.

3.  Becoming a football ‘fundi’. From “what’s so beautiful about this game anyway?” to heart pounding, palm sweating, red faced yelling at the tv about offsides, yellow cards, penalties and terrible man headbands.

4.  Rockband and Football Nights. Like Heidi Klum and Seal, the perfect couple.

5.  Flags.  Flags everywhere.  South Africa became a colouring-in book and we sure did bring our crayons.

Nice work, Us.  This World Cup experience has been ameezing.

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