11 More Sleeps

There are 11 more sleeps until Spring Day.  I learnt this yesterday from a girl, dressed in gym clothes, in a shop queue, right after she asked me to smell her arm.  It went like this:
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Greener Pastures…

Few things are better than a Saturday afternoon walk with The Ever Lovely Lindsay-Jane and her two equally lovely hounds, Fred and George (Weasley).  The leaves are all virgin green now and the sun is determined to stay out way longer than her Winter curfew.  The virgin leaves and the rebellious sun make wonderful partners as they dance gleefully into dusk.  How ameezing to witness them at play.

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Dear Spring, come on then. Love Ameezing.

Any minute now Spring is going to arrive on our doorsteps, wearing Havaianas and a giant, floppy sun hat and visit for a few months.  I love Spring (who doesn’t) almost as much as Autumn.  To celebrate the new season, as well as getting some much needed sun on my pearly white feet, I thought I would change the header picture to this one.  Some of my loved ones enjoying a fantastically magical picnic we had last weekend.

Left to Right: Little Lauren, The Ever Lovely Lindsay, Shminty the Fab, Maggie the Hound,  Ameezing Ty, Cousin Robyn, The Fantastic Jacqui and Ryan the Lion.  And Justin, Little Lauren’s beloved, in the background throwing a frisbee.

I should mention that there are many loved ones not in this picture. But still much loved, loved ones.  Happy Weekend Everyone.

The Outtakes

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