Good Boy, George.

Okay so, every time I’m alone in a room with a dog I’m pretty sure he’s going to talk to me.  Anyone else have that?

Not crazy car commercial, dog-chewing-peanut-butter kind of talking, but just gruff and in English and completely like he has been waiting for the room to clear of other people so that we can have a casual chinwag about Jennifer Aniston or climate change or whatever the heck happened to MySpace.

Case in point George (pictured above), my dear friend Lindsay’s noble hound who sat with me on the couch the whole way through the movie ‘Friends with Kids’.  Just George and I. Just like this.  And I’m pretty sure, if he’d wanted to discuss the plot or why Jennifer Westfeldt is looking more and more like an alien he would have.  But I think he, like me, was pretty involved in the story and was trying not to cry, like a girl, who cries in movies.  So we chose silence, and each other as movie watching pals.  Maybe next time.  Good boy, George.

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