Learning Life Lessons Whilst Watching ‘The Village’

So last night, whilst watching the behind the scenes of ‘The Village’ (I needed a break from ‘The Walking Dead’, ha), M. Night Shayamalan was being interviewed about the movie and was asked why he chose to make this particular film.  He replied, ‘It was a challenge.  I needed to do something that scared me.’

What Mr Night, you’re not running away from things that scare you?  You’re running towards them?  Looking for them?  Seeking them out and slaying them like dragons with a challenge accepting sword of braveness?  Hhmm, interesting…


[Image from the internets]

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Doilies at the Car Wash

I was at the car wash a few days ago, sitting on grubby garden furniture and flipping through car wash magazines.  You’d think doctor’s rooms magazines would win the award for Scary any day,  but car wash magazines are far dodgier.  All dog-eared and waxy and sticky.  After paging through a Sports Illustrated and an Auto Trader (both super boring if you don’t care about cars or rugby), I stumbled upon these images in a Rooi Rose magazine.  The article was about taking inspiration from your Granny, I think.  I put all Janse van Vuurens to shame with my Anglo Saxon-ness.  Anyways, I really like the texture, detail and just darn prettiness of them.  Anything that looks like it comes off the set of The Village is ameezing in my book.

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