Topshop – Take Two

More than a few years ago now, I worked at Topshop on Oxford Street in London, in the women’s underwear section.

My department was made up of all the girls not quite edgy enough to be selling jeans or leather jackets, so we, the more wall-flowery, shy employees ended up in the underwear department.  We were a some what motley bunch,  like pirates with lunch boxes and good intentions.  A Russian girl, four British girls, an Australian girl and me.

Our shifts were long and tiring.  Sometimes I wore heels because I wanted to feel fancy.  Largely the heel wearing times turned into blisters and tears on the bus home times, but mostly, the experience of working there was incredibly eye opening.  I learnt a lot, hung a lot of underwear back onto hangers and saw a lot of tourist’s boobs. [Read more...]

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