It’s really hot in the cafe where I am sitting right now.  There are fans blazing away but somehow, the air is still still and thick like jungle air.

There is an old man here who comes in about this time everyday.  Sometimes he wears a hat.  But not today.  He helps himself to a beer from the fridge and sits and drinks it.  Alone.  He doesn’t distract himself with a phone or an iPad or even a book.  He just sits.  And watches.  Observing with an honesty that makes him fascinating rather than unnerving.

It stormed an hour ago.  The kind of moody storm that growls as if it will stubbornly stay for days.  But then unexpectedly clears, like fog in the wind.

There is newness, friends.  So much wonderful newness.  Joburg, my beloved, has turned warm and stormy and tree lined, with days that stretch on into balmy evenings.  And balmy evenings that stretch on into cool nights.  A night air that licks at your skin with freshness.

Ready or not, time marches on.  I turned 32.  And celebrated with ameezing friends and an ameezingly towering pink cake.  It seems that as you get older, birthdays becomes less about well, becoming a year older, and more about celebrating the people you are lucky enough to share life with.  I looked around that birthday dinner table in disbelief at how fortunate I am to be able to experience things, enormous and minute, with people who are loving and clever and creative and ameezing.

Some things have become very clear in the last while.  Mostly lessons learnt, through a little bit of stumbling and a little bit of hand to forehead slapping, but also through opening up and just being not so afraid all the darn time.  Leaping does sometimes end in knee scrapes, but mostly with a pounding heart, eyes wide open and a sense of wonder.

There is someone new too.  The story of how or who is a little too new for here, but I wanted to share that there was.  That I feel so  lucky and excited to be starting a journey of sorts with someone who is smart and funny and kind and terribly dapper.  And tall.  So very tall.

Newness stretches across many paths and comes with some unexpected and wonderful things.  And sometimes with flowers.  Lots of flowers.


[Instagram borrowed from the lovely Cara Birdie]

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The problem with taking a little blogging vacation is how to come back.  Much like an overseas phone call, do you only speak about the big things that have happened? Tell a few small stories?  Pretend like there hasn’t been a gap and just carry on?!

I’m sure somebody, somewhere would say, ‘Just be yourself.’  So here goes:

I became a ginger.  I have talked about going ginger twi-ice on Ameezing before and then two weeks ago I finally got my brunette be-hind to the hairdresser.

The highlight of the experience was when the lady who had already put hair dye on half of my head said, ‘Are you sure you’re ready to be a red head?  It drives men crazy.’  Start taking your Prozac men, because it happened.

So far my memorable experiences as a red head have mostly come from people who know me but don’t recognise me at all.  And one guy who said I looked like Lana Del Ray.  But I’m still deciding how I feel about that one.

It’s Spring.  As hard as I try not to talk about the weather, I just do, all the darn time.  It has rained and hailed and flowers have blossomed and trees have greened.  All right on time.  I think if the weather was human, I’d really want to be her friend.  I like how She is consistent yet surprising and also kind of does exactly what She wants.  No matter what people say.  High five Lady Weather.  [Read more...]

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