But Seriously Y’all, Baby Lambs

I’m in Underberg at the moment visiting my parents.  Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at friends of theirs.  A magical place where chocolate cake is fresh out of the oven, apple orchards are just beyond the kitchen door, honey is collected from bees and the layered mountains create a theatre of the round.  For life.

When the sun was reaching out to play Hide and Seek behind a mountain, we all headed outside.  I pulled off my converse and pulled on a pair of borrowed gumboots.  The air was weirdly balmy (there’s whisperings of snow), the light was a ridiculous shade of golden and the baby lambs were ready for supper.

I have never held a baby lamb before. The closest I have come is sheepishly (sorry not sorry) sticking my fingers through a fence to try and feel their gruffly soft fur.  While full grown sheep are all body with stick legs, baby lambs are all long limbs with little, warm bodies.  And they have almond shaped eyes and Disney ears, and they trot.  Even half an hour after being born, they stand up and trot, because they know that is just what baby lambs should do.

Baby lambs are also super wriggly, they want to play and snuggle with their moms and unlike puppies, have very little interest in a bottle of warm milk.  So you have to keep the teet of the bottle in their mouth and hold them on your lap until they’ve had at least a few gulps.

The mom sheep all watched suspiciously from a corner.  Baaaa-ing moodily every now and again.

(I’m thinking of sending this post to Farmer’s Weekly, ground breaking notes on animal husbandry, I’ll say.)

After the baby lambs had wriggled and gulped a little milk and baaaa-ed and trotted around, we walked down to the river where a herd of horses from the farm next door had wandered over.  The sound of their hooves clip clopping home across the river bed was all at once strangely familiar, completely foreign and exactly what every pair of ears should get to hear.

Can something you have already done be on your Bucket List?
If so, my Rebucket List would include:

Going back to Paris
Throwing vacuum cleaners out of the back of a convertible at high speed
Kissing in the rain

Feeding baby lambs

Me: This is the happiest moment of my life.

Baby Lamb:  Heeeeeeeelp.

Lastly, a note on genetics.  I was looking through my parent’s pictures of the afternoon (thank you guys for every photo in this post!) and these two pictures stopped me in my tracks.  Mother/Daughter What Now?!  My Mom and I are standing exactly the same at two moments along the way.  Geez genes.

PS.  More on genes – I am my father’s daughter.

(I should mention that I know that lambs are baby sheep.  But ‘baby lambs’ just sounds so much better.  Thank you for understanding.)


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That thing that makes you feel like the most you. The best you. You.

For me that thing is writing. Words and words and words.  Sometimes I don’t really know what to say or how to say the things that I really want to say, but, that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason not to do the thing that feels too good to be true.  So here I am. Hi! [Read more...]

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Want to knock the socks off people?  Don’t take things personally.  Not taking things personally is like sensitive person’s crack.  Hard to get, but once you have it, woaw.  Things will never be the same.

The unbelievably beautiful photo above is taken by my Mom during snow-gate last week.  My Mom and Dad live in the mountains, this is the view from their verandah.  Lucky Mountain fishes.

The Newsroom.

Wanna read about this one time I almost moved to the mountains? You can right here, lucky city fishes.

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You Know You’re In The Country When…

You accidently leave your car unlocked outside.  With your handbag in it.  For three days.
It takes you three days to realise you have misplaced your handbag.
Your entire shoe collection shrinks to gumboots.
9pm feels like midnight.
7am feels like midday.
One guy at the local bar is wearing boxer shorts.  And a t-shirt.  Pants? Bah.
Everything just tastes better.

PS.  Ten Things I learnt whilst house sitting in the country.

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It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas…

Next Monday, I’m heading here, to my parent’s house in the Southern Drakensberg.  The plan is to do little else than take long walks, ride horses, wear pyjamas to Spar, bake brownies and read loads of literature that contains words like ‘Katy Perry’ and ‘Circle of Shame’.  A. Meezing.

What are your holiday plans,  fellow Ameezlings?

PS. The story of my first time in Underberg.

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


I’d sell my puppy to be in Underberg at my parent’s house today, where at about two this afternoon it started to snow.  In my head, I imagine snow always falls to the sound track of those light Christmas bells in Romantic Christmas comedies.   I heard those bells today, chiming away when I saw these pictures.

Mama in the Snow

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Geez, Genes

Ever have a moment where you catch a glimpse of how strong your family gene is?  The other day, I took a photograph of my Dad with his new Feiyue shoes (he’s taking Feiyue to Underberg, too awesome).

I looked at the photograph and something in my memory began to wriggle and squirm.  Two days later, it suddenly hit me.  I had seen that exact expression before.  On my own eight year old, puffy alice-band wearing self.  Genes: ameezing.

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Who You Gonna Call?

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A Brother, Sister, Brother Road Trip

Like, howzit.  Sorry that House of Ameezing has been so quiet over the last few days.  I have been very busy with work and a few other little projects (watch this space).  But yesterday, my brothers and I took a sibling road trip to Underberg to visit my parents for the long weekend.

It is ridiculously beautiful here.  In the early morning the mist is so heavy it looks as if the clouds have fallen between the mountains (thanks Mama).  And one can wear gumboots and woolly hats without feeling at all silly.

I’m hoping for snow (this makes the locals chuckle), death by too much scarf knitting, horse riding and ameezing vintage bargains at the local SPCA thrift shop.  I’ll keep you posted.

Joel and The Beatles rocking road trip chic

Ameezing Ty - Driver and DJ

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