So you know one of those evenings when you have a glass of wine, eat a salad and buy a ticket to Australia? Yip, last night was one of those.  In April I’m going to be celebrating with these two incredible people when they say ‘I do’.  Just A.meezing.

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A Little Rooftop Love Affair

My lovely Cousin Robyn got married last weekend.  On the roof of a building in downtown Joburg, bathed in golden sunlight and with a smile only a person who knows true love can smile.  Once all the photos from all the cameras have been collected I want to do a decoupage of my favs to show you.  For now, here of two of the beautiful couple on their day.  Congratulations baby cousin, you were an ameezing bride on an ameezing day.

Robyn’s dress by the Ameezing Joel Janse van Vuuren

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