The Ever Lovely Lindsay-Jane

It seems strange that I have never officially written about Lindsay-Jane.  Someone who is such a ginormous part of my life and happiness.  I have wanted to since Ameezing Day One, but truthfully, always felt like what I wrote about our friendship sounded like a badly written Cardies card.  On Friday, somewhere between coffee one and coffee two, I finally found the words.  They may also sound like a badly written Cardies card, but they are how I feel about this extraordinary person.

Lindsay-Jane, you took my whimpering heart and taught it to fight, to stand up for itself, to laugh at itself, to man up, open up, love, trust, let go, to be wide-eyed but wise and to be at gracious peace.  The value of unconditional friendship, listening, talking it out, crying in the movie when the dog dies, hugging, honest advice, manicures, Country Road and just being there for your beloveds no matter what.

You brought me back to life when I was five and a half feet under ground.  All the while talking about fabulous shoes and Alexa Chung’s wardrobe.  Somehow, tackling really difficult moments with a tender heart and pure chicness.  A quality of balance that I will always admire.  I cannot imagine life a teaspoon as wonderful without you.

You are Ameezing.  I love you.

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  1. kideternity says:

    wow , between Linday-jane and James you seem to have some AMEEZING!!! friends! good on ya

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