The post where Joburg is personified as Helena Bonham Carter’s character in Fight Club

Joburg, you are one unfathomable lady.  You swan around in a kimono made of oxymorons, laughing coyly as you blow smoke rings in our faces.  You give us the bad so sugar-coated in the most delicious good.  And gee whiskers, do we have a sweet tooth.  You watch us sit in traffic hour upon hour, all the while distracting us with the most spectacular sunsets.  We are hypnotically seduced.  You get your way.  We become frustratingly, helplessly infatuated.  Until one day, we wake up and realise, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, this is love.

Three moments of one schizophrenic sunset.

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  1. Leetilone says:

    Just reading old blog posts, this is one of my favorite, because I love the sometimes unlovable joburg. Thank you for your hypnotic writing. (I stole that word from above :) )

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