The School of 2012

It’s 10:24pm. Technically still today.  Day three.

Maybe list writing is cheating.  Although, list writing is always guaranteed to bring about rainbows and a sense of organisational glee. So here now, at 10:25, a little before the clock strikes midnight and it’s onto the next post, is a list of Five Things I Learnt in the School of 2012:

Olives.  To my undignified palate, olives had always tasted like eating a rock that had been left in the sea.  But then I decided that I wanted to be an olive eater.  And slowly, determinedly starting eating those weird, little nuggets until they tasted delicious. Like more.  Like being an olive eater.  This lesson is both about olives and about deciding on something and sticking to it.  Go olives.

Get your picture taken by a stranger.  Sometimes it won’t be in focus, sometimes, the whole frame will be mysteriously tilted and you won’t necessarily be looking at the camera, but sometimes, it’s just cool to see a moment through someone else’s eyes.

Travel.        Travel. Travel.

Okay, this one I may have read on Pinterest, but it really did change the way I looked at things.  Be curious, not judgemental.  Sounds like it belongs on a R27.50 magnet at CNA, no? But the more I thought about it, the more I realised what an important lesson that was. Especially for a person whose place of safety was long distance judgemental nose scrunching.  What a ridiculous, unfulfilling pastime.  Judgement is an abrupt full stop, but curious is the beginning of a conversation.  And conversations are where the good stuff happens.  Knowwhadimean?

The difference between doing something and not doing something is doing something and not doing something.  And I didn’t even read that on Pinterest.

There is not some secret coven of coolness happening without you. This is life. Right now. Unfolding.  It’s simple and complicated and scary and wonderful. But this is it.  And now and honesty are pretty much all we have.  So best we scoop them up, untangle the string and fly that kite across a cloudless sky.


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  1. little one says:

    im so excited about you writng a blog every day. I now start every morning off with a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of ameezing :)
    ps: that last paragraph is some of the most beautiful writing i have ever read xxx

  2. Ms. Ameezing says:

    Little One – a cup of ameezing. That made me smile x

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