These Guys. These Things.

It’s probably unhealthy that I’ve had this picture saved on my desktop for a large amount of time now.  Probably. EmRy, you guys make me sigh like I’m in labour.

I’m Spring Cleaning at the moment.  It goes like this.  Walk into my bedroom.  Take four things out of my cupboard and throw them on the ‘To Charity’ pile on the floor.  Go make tea.  Half way through pouring steaming water in a mug have major Spring Cleaning remorse, hastily but gently place kettle back on the counter and dash back to the ‘To Charity’ pile, remove two (okay three) of the pieces and put them back into the cupboard.  I’m attempting to halve my wardrobe.  This is going to take a while.

Gap Basics.  Step aside Country Road, your cousin from out of town who used to have braces and wiry hair is here for the Summer, and she’s had a little make-over.  And now she’s probably going to steal your boyfriend and wear a waistcoat like you only wish you could.  Man, that was one helluva strange metaphor.

Helluva.  Not such a fan.

When you see someone in real life that you have gotten to know online and you feel all shy and don’t know what to say so you just try really hard not to go red and still be cool but you don’t know how because you only know how when you’re not with them, and lit by a glowing laptop screen, and drinking hot chocolate in your pyjamas.  And have time to think of witty things to say.

New York.  You’re on my mind like Rachel was on Ross-es.

When people say ‘I’m going to be honest with you…’, I always want to say, ‘You’re only starting now?!’

I’m going to stop taking baby clothes so personally.

I ate a vanilla cupcake at the Joburg Art Fair, it was expensive and tasted like melted plastic.  Now every time someone talks knowledgeably about the art at the Fair, all I can think about is the over-priced-melted-plastic vanilla cupcake.

Risking sounding like a colouring-in book here, Rainbows.  For being all the colours and just appearing in the sky.

Okay, these guys may or may not be on my desktop too…

[EmRy] and [BigRie]

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