This one goes out to Adi…

“So you’re going to go home now and write a post, yes?’ – Adi Koen, just now.

2013 has been one trixsy little pony so far, hasn’t she?  When the clock struck midnight on that first day, I had assumed she would be a middle child year.  Not really kicking up too much fuss, not getting into trouble or marrying a rock star, or woaw, a poet.  But holy panda’s toenails, was I wrong.  She has been an only child, the first child, the last child, the middle child of all middle children, one trixsy little pony.

High fives Autumn in Joburg.  Lightly dusting the city in crunchy, orangy brown leaf goodness.  Just as you should.  The wind blows, leaves shower to the ground.  One thousand cherubs sing.  I am sure of it.

I’ve started calling myself a woman.  I know, I know! But hear me out.  I’m not sure when it happened. The other day? Many days ago?  Somewhere in the last while I went from saying ‘girl’ to ‘woman’.  Maybe it’s the more than three grey hairs that have arrived on my head, or the at-peace-ness or the almost mid-thirty-ness (woaw woaw woaw), but somewhere it started happening and guess what? It sits right.  It makes me want to live up to the word, to fulfill it, to fill it. To be it.  Good things.

Game of Thrones.

Vine.  Are you on it? My vine name is ameezing.  It’s like Instagram. Only 6 seconds of motion. And a leetle bit more addictive.

Good socks, hugs, Milo (hot), daydreams of beach times, scarves cosy enough to be buried in (ewww), wearing stockings and re-enacting scenes from Chicago whilst getting dressed in the morning ‘he had it coming, cha cha’, soup, red wine, Downton Abbey, adopting fire places and snoozing under heavy blankets – things that make Winter okay.

And now, a fitting room picture of an unrequited purchase:

photo 4

When did these become okay? Maybe they haven’t.  Not to worry though, I have a whole Venter trailer load of shudders stored up for the moment that pictures of yourself, by yourself become really not okay.  They’re probably already not okay. But I’m talking, reeaallyy not okay.

Two loads of washing, plants watered, bedroom cleaned, dishes washed, random pictures rearranged and bath taken – things I did to procrastinate, instead of working on a writing deadline.  Clean House – 1 Words – 0.

I asked my friend Ryan what his favourite thing about Joburg is at the moment and he said, ‘All. The. Coffee.  The people on the streets. Post in Braamfontein.  I like that no one I don’t like lives here.’

Doing what you love always feels like such a privilege, doesn’t it?

Also, I’m a middle child.

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