Three Things Thursday


I sometimes wonder if ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ ruined all sayings for us all, forever.  And it’s such a shame because I love the sentence and the sentiment.

Every now and again a saying comes along (usually on Pinterest, but stilllll) and hits me, in the face, like a jealous girl with a bunch of flowers.

A saying that seems like it has been written for that moment, to come sauntering on its little letter legs, into your life.  The Ever Lovely Lindsay-Jane sent this to me a few weeks ago and I have found it to be such a source of inspiration and comfort ever since.



Anne Hathaway is a lot like life.  Sometimes wonderful, sometimes unexpected, sometimes a little not how you want it to be.  But this picture, with that hat and that make up and that perfectly messy perfect hair and that jacket that winks at the nineties whilst still being completely fresh, oh boy.

If the Anne Hathaway of this picture is like life, then we are all in paradise.  And this picture should be our flag.  And on postage stamps.  And wall paper.  And bumper stickers.  This picture is the Kate to our Leo, the Meg to our Tom, the Claire Danes to our Jared Leto.  This picture is the best.

Anne Hathaway Paradise picture found at Apartment 34. A beeeautiful design and style blog, which may also be, paradise.



We at Haus of Ameezing believe that good hair days should always be celebrated,  written about in Time Magazine and high fived about until your hands are just bloodied palms.  Not really.  But good hair days are ameezing.  And because it’s been at least three posts since you last saw my giant head, here it is! With mostly behaving locks in tow.

Okay bye now.

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