Trench Coats, Not just for Superheros.

So I bought a trench coat for the impending deliciousness that is Autumn (like totally my favourite season) and first Winter.  I just made up the phrase ‘first Winter’, meaning those beginning stages of Winter where determined brown leaves still stick to blackening branches and goosebumps just mean goosebumps not, ‘Why aren’t you wears stockings, crazy, blue lady?’

Wearing it (only around the house at this point because we’re still in last Summer) makes me feel all grown up, explorer-ish and exactly like this lady.  Ameezing.

Save up some cappuccino money and get your First Lady/Super hero/First Winter trench coat at Trenery.

PS.  Check out some neck companions for trench coats here.

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  1. antK says:

    fantastic buy … I have 2 from seasons past …they never date !
    Altho I rarely have an opportunity to wear them in Durbs ,I will have to visit you so that we can ” step out together ” for a coffee !

  2. ameezing says:

    Any time :)

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