Tuesday I’m in Love…

Yip, its Wednesday.  But on Tuesday, blessed, little, delicious, saucy Tuesday I wandered into a new antique furniture shop (details to follow) and fell in love with, courted (okay, paid for) and took home this blue number.  After a google or two, it turned out to be a Beanstalk Kamp Kitchen Cabinet.  Oh, to be in the seventies, wearing a high-waisted red and white checked bikini, making my hair-slicked-back-just-so darling of a husband a dirty martini on the top shelf of our little, blue cabinet of camping happiness. Retro sigh.

Whilst I wait for Woolworths to start selling time machines, the Beanstalk Kamp Kitchen Cabinet is going to live in my bedroom (it was almost a ‘side table’, see first photo) and store all kinds of important things like old copies of Vogue magazines and my grandfather’s bowling trophies.  It must be love.  Ta-rah, I’m off to go bikini and darling husband shopping.

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  1. Judge says:

    You have ameezing taste Camilla! So inspiring.

  2. amyblaire says:

    absolutely love it!

    and the fact that you are able to grow…and keep alive…peace in the home makes me sick with envy.

  3. ameezing says:

    It actually normally lives in the bathroom. Which it seems to love. If its any consolation, before living in the bathroom, it was on death’s door for a while. A long while.

  4. ameezing says:

    Thanks Judge!

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