Waking Up is Hard to Do

Okay, so here’s what happened here, a few weeks ago I was working in Cape Town.  One night I went to sleep looking normal and woke up like this.  Cape Town and I have a very complex relationship.

On that same trip I sat down and wrote the passage below.  But somewhere between the ocean and microwave meals and the gps lady and looking for parking, it was forgotten.  Until the other night when an out-of-nowhere bout of insomnia had me opening every folder on my desktop.  And there it was:

There’s something so wonderfully unsettling about being away from home.

I’m writing this sitting on the floor of my bed and breakfast, leaning against an ancient dressing table because my Mac cord is too short to reach the bed. I’m also pretty sure it’s haunted here.

Earlier, at a busy sushi restaurant, me and my table for one, my table for one and I, got moved to the sushi counter section, where single person dining is welcomed with open sushi chef arms.  I sat next to a couple almost definitely on their second date.

One of the perks of being alive for 32 and a half years is being able to sort of tell which date strangers are on.  These guys were definitely on their second, although she wore wedges and lipstick and he wore flip flops and a hoodie (stick with me here man readers), they still seemed to be having a really good time.  They spoke about how slushies are a hardcore drug of the sugar world, John Cleese and something else, which I couldn’t quite hear but made HoodieFlipFlops say  ‘presuppose’ once and ‘indeed’ twice.

When alone, I always find myself doing things like telling strangers their salads look delicious.  And plugging in my phone to charge at all kinds of not wise places.
I ate ice-cream, which I almost never do because my teeth are practically made of paper and thought I heard someone calling my name twice.

There’s a certain liberated anonymity in travelling alone.   A kind of craziness for one that leaves you feeling a little terrified and completely exhilarated, all at once.

(And now, a Friday bonus picture.  Happy weekend, Friends!)

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  1. Lindsay-Jane says:

    I think this is my favourite photo of anyone ever!

  2. Lindsay-Jane says:

    In fact, I think I need to save it to my phone and whip it out every time I feel sad, it is bound to cheer me up…every time!

  3. Ant K says:

    …and you still look so absolutely adorable and huggable … and ever so slightly vulnerable and perplexed !

  4. Movan says:

    Great article and GREAT photo! Never mind the bed hair, that face speaks a thousand words! Well done!! x x x :-D

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