We can date if we wanna…

On Tuesday I was telling Aadil about a great Asian fusion restaurant I had stumbled upon that afternoon (So Yum in Hyde Park [011] 325 5360).  “Sounds great, let’s go there tomorrow, on a date”, he said.  A Date!  A Date!  Ah, Date, the other ‘D’ word.  (The other other ‘D’ word being Divorce, but more on that another time).

Because of baboon  like cooking skills and long working days, we eat out alot.  But there was something so sweet and romantic about Aadil calling it a date and paying like it was 1965 and dressing up that made it feel really special.  I’m a late bloomer when it comes to being good at being in love.  I always feared that once the first blushes were over, the relationship would turn to black and white and it would never quite be the same as those rainbow days of the beginning.

But somewhere between the two ‘D’s, I realised that you don’t have to mourn those early days.  Even after months, heck years, of being together, blushing and dates needn’t end.  They can even get better.  There is a new kind of heart pound in knowing someone, really knowing.  I realise that a fridge magnet could have taught me that, but understanding it for yourself, seeing that lesson in the person sitting across the table from you, mouth full of dim sum, smiling, is just ameezing.

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  1. Berni says:

    What a wonderful blog post. Nothing better than a romantic Dim Sum meal. Must add that to my ‘list of things to do when Camilla and Aadil come to visit us’! Double date at local Yum Cha restaurant. :-)

  2. Karin says:

    how wonderful !
    romance is so very important ,….and a sense of occasion ,esp when discovering a new favourite eating spot

  3. Waleenie says:

    I just read this out to Ryan, that’s how lovely it was. Plus your beloved told me “so yum my dim sum in my tum was”. Perfect.

  4. ameezing says:

    Bernie, you made my day! I can’t wait. Karin, it seems I was one of the last people in Joburg to discover it, but so glad I did. Waleenie, it was yum! Thank you for reading it to Ryan, that is super special x

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