Wednesday socks on Friday

They say good things happen in threes.  This week, they were right.

My friend Neil came to visit from Cape Town.  We went to Malva at Main Street Life and drank wine and played with Jozi the puppy.  Neil and I have been friends for fourteen years.  I adore Neil for his wicked sense of humour, love of Marmite and the fact that he wears his Wednesday socks on Friday.

Happy, lovely art arrived via mms and made me smile until my cheeks hurt.  The rocket shaped thing below the sun is lens flare.  Ameezing.

This kist has been gallivanting for a while now but found its way home on Friday.  It fit right back in.  Nice.

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  1. Karin says:

    ……that was your grandmother Barbara’s kist , and I can remember the old guy upstairs in her block of flats restoring it for her. I don’t think he bothered with the back ? Is the back still dark ?I love the tableau you have created on and around it .hugs K

  2. ameezing says:

    Hmm, pretty sure it is the same colour?! I’ll check and let you know! x

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