What the What?!

There’s nothing quite as disconcerting as the thought of a baby in a plastic box.  Oh wait, yes there is.  Seeing a baby in a plastic box.  Walking through Toys ‘R’ Us this afternoon I literally gasped at these extremely bizarro, life-like dolls. In plastic boxes. Yours for about R1500 (about 170 Euros).  I stood there for a couple of minutes wondering how none of the Kugel moms with prams and Louis Vuittons were appalled, calling Carte Blanche and their psychiatrists.  I seemed to be the only person who stood and stared like there was a horrific car accident or a fat person stuck in a hoola hoop.   Somewhere between Cabbage Patch Dolls and Bratz Dolls, life got a little surreal.

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  1. Ant C says:

    I love that you actually converted this into EUR. :D

    It does look a bit disconcerting but you WERE in a toy store… :P

  2. ameezing says:

    For the internationals! A toy store, for toys, like lego and puzzles and electric cars. Maybe I am old fashioned :)

  3. MoVan says:

    Dolls have come a long way since Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy!
    I even have the urge to turn a doll over if I see it lying on it’s face, so the box packaging is a real no no for me. [although, I must admit they all look quite happy in there, except for that blue boy!] :-)

  4. Verushka says:

    Aaaah! That is terrifying!

  5. Cousin Robyn says:

    Woah. Creeeeeeeepy. I also thought they were real for a second there. Jees Louise.

  6. Meghan says:

    That is so creepy and irapproiate.

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