‘What’s a weekend?’ – Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey

This weekend I watched Autumn leaves and chilly rain fall.  All at once.  A choir of elements singing in the new season.

Lay on the couch with My Tall Drink of Water and snoozed, like a real weekend having person should.

Ate burgers from a food truck in the burbs.  It felt just like it looks in the movies.

Practiced not standing like a baby t-rex every time a camera was in sight (it’s a marathon-not-a-sprint kind of thing).

Played darts.  And got a dart to stay on the board one in every three tries.  Yessss.

Took a tuk tuk. These are new in Joburg.  And although it felt a little like raising your hands in the air when you are upside down on a roller coaster (Joburg traffic is not for the faint hearted) it was a fast, cheap and relatively safe way of getting around.

Went to see the movie Sleeper’s Wake with my brothers and our friend Stiaan, who was also in the movie. Woaw.  High fives Stiaan for being a humble, ameezing performer.

Ate poached eggs with friends and marvelled at their excellent company.

Decided not to cut a fringe.

Decided to tell you guys that I decided not to cut a fringe.

And hugged my dear friend Ryan as much as I could.

Doing the ol’ ‘use a hat to hide the light switch so it doesn’t look like its growing out of my shoulder’ trick.  Just like they do in Milan.

And you guys?  How was your weekend?


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  1. AntK says:

    just have to say your hair looks beyond amazing !!!!!!!!!!
    ..and what a great smile !

  2. Ms. Ameezing says:

    Thanks AntK! Much better than the mushroom cut of days gone by :)

Your thoughts/feelings?